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Rules for the 2019 Middletown Spring Blast

Tournament is open to presently registered U.S.Y.S.A/U.S.S.F. league or association teams of no more than 18 players. Four (4) guest players will be allowed, but they may only play for one team of appropriate age. Players are only eligible to play for one team during the tournament. Teams from outside OSYSA must submit a USYSA travel permit approved by their state association. All coaches must carry Concussion Training Certificate, Lindsay Law forms, Player cards and Medical release forms to all games. See rule #13

International Rules (FIFA/IUSSF) apply with the following exceptions:

Substitutes must be at midfield line
Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee as follows:

-After a goal by either team
-Before any goal kick
-Before a throw-in in your favor,or if the team with the throw-in substitutes.
-At the beginning of each period of play
-After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play
-All cautioned players must be substituted

3. AGE
Age groups are in accordance with USSF age group guidelines.

U8;50Min;Finals 50Min;Ball size-4;Players 7v7; Roster 14
U9:50Min;Finals 50Min;Ball size-4:Players 7v7; Roster 14
U10: 50 Min: Finals 50Min: Ball size 4: Players 7v7: Roster 14
U-11;60Min;Finals 60Min; Ball size 4;Players 9v9; Roster 16
U-12;60Min;Finals 60Min;Ball size 4;Players 9v9; Roster 16
U-13;60Min;Finals 70Min;Ball size 5;Players 11v11; Roster 18
U-14;60Min;Finals 70Min;Ball size 5;Players 11v11; Roster 18
U-15;60Min;Finals 70Min;Ball size 5;Players 11v11; Roster 18
U-16;60Min;Finals 70Min;Ball size 5;Players 11v11; Roster 18
U-17/19;60Min;Finals 70Min;Ball size 5;Players 11v11;Roster 18

All players must wear shin guards with team socks pulled up over the shin guards. Shirts/Jerseys must be tucked into player shorts at all times. Shirts, shorts and socks must be of same team color. Shirts must be numbered. Home team is responsible for using an alternate uniform color, when there is a color conflict, and shall supply a suitable game ball.

Any player or coach ordered from the field (RED CARD) by the referee for misconduct shall be suspended from the next game. No substitution will be permitted for the ejected player during that game.

There shall be NO DISSENT between player and/or coaches and the referee. Questioning a referee's call is considered dissent. All coaches are urged to solicit support from their fans and parents in monitoring and enforcing this policy.

No protests will be allowed.

The tournament committee shall have the authority to make the following changes:
-Shorten the duration of the games.
-Suspend, temporarily or permanently, any game in progress. Suspended games may or may not be concluded to the originally planned end.
-Cancel or reschedule any or all games.
-If a match is suspended each team must check with Headquarters for further instructions.

Coaches must sign the scorecards at the end of each game. Scores will be posted as quickly as possible. Coaches should report any discrepancies between the posted score and actual score to headquarters prior to the next game.

Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win, I point for a tie, and no points for a loss. The winner of each division will advance to the finals. In the event of ties in the standings, the following procedure will determine the division winner:
-Head to Head Competition. In the event that there is a three way tie, head to head competition is thrown out.
-Highest number of total net goals (goal Differential) 5 max per game.
-Fewest goals allowed (gross).
-Penalty kicks (FIFA Laws of the game)
-Six team brackets will have two three team divisions. Each team will play one cross over game with a team from the other division. All results from the cross over game will count toward each teams standing except the head to head competition. One team from each division will advance to the finals.
-Four team brackets will play a three game round robin. The first and second place teams as determined by points gained and tiebreakers will advance to the finals.
-Any team that fails to complete a match or leaves the field during play shall be scored as having forfeited that match. The team winning the forfeit will be awarded the average number of goals per match that they have scored in their other preliminary matches, rounded DOWN to the nearest whole number. The opponent's score shall be zero.

-Two 10 minute periods played to their conclusion (No Sudden Death).
-Penalty Kicks (FIFA Laws of the game)

-Coaches coaching multiple teams must have enough coverage for game schedule conflicts. Tournament will try to schedule around coaches schedule but is not guaranteed.
-Coaches must bring all player cards, rosters and medical releases to every game.
-The Tournament Director's interpretation of these rules/regulations shall be final.
-Neither the Middletown Youth Soccer Assocation or the Tournament will be responsible for loss of funds due to the cancellation of all, or any part, of this Tournament.
A coach or Team Admin must attend Saturday Morning Registration to check team in prior to First game of tournament. Registration site will be posted on home page of website and emailed to head coach. Registration will be at all 3 locations

Special note on 7v7 rules:
1 man Referee system will be used U8 & U9 & 10 ( 7v7 )

Offside: U9 & U10
For a player to be offside, he/she must be in a "flagrant" offside position and trying to gain an advantage from being in such offside position, when the ball is played to him/her. Specific circumstances shall dictate the referee's call. For example, a referee might decline to consider a player offside if he/she was making a run that resulted in being in an offside position by two or three steps. However, a player continuously two or three steps in an offside position could be construed to be trying to gain an advantasge by being there and called offside.
In addition, "Cherry Picking", where a player is several yards in an offside position down by or in the goal area. If a goal results from this player being involved in the play, the goal will be not be allowed and an indirect free kick, for unsporting behavior, will be awarded to the defensive team at the spot on the infraction.
All calls are at the referee's discretion.

In order to protect young athletes, the State of Ohio has passed a concussion law, commonly called the “Return to Play” law. Therefore, all Ohio Tournaments are responsible to monitor and track compliance with the concussion training requirements of the Return to Play law. Each coach (head coach and assistants) must receive approved concussion training prior to April 26, 2013. See O.R.C. 3707.511(C)(1). Tournaments are required to collect and maintain certificates of compliance from the coaches.
1. All coaches MUST complete the Concussion Training Course from either NFHS (preferred) or CDC and submit a COPY of the completed certificate to the tournament. Both online courses are FREE of charge! See the links for the Concussion Form after you CONFIRM acceptance (using your midfest #) on the forms list.
2. Coaches must also carry their certificate COPY of compliance with them during the event.
3. Coaches are also required per Ohio law, to have distributed a COPY of the Parent Concussion Information Sheet to the parents of their team players.
If these 3 items are not satisfied, those coaches will NOT be able to coach at this event.
If a player is believed, by either a coach, referee or tournament official, to exhibit the signs, symptoms or behaviors of concussion during the tournament, that player shall be prohibited from continuing to play that same calendar day and may not play until they have received clearance to “return to play” by a physician or other authorized medical personnel.



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